business consulting


Whether you are a new designer starting your line or an established designer looking for ways to improve your business, LFFC helps you establish a plan of action to be efficient, draw attention, and make money.

New Designers

We help you during each step in the creation of your line.  Our philosophy breaks down into three phases: development, product to market, and production.    We share proven strategies of organization and introduce you to the best contractors and sales reps in the industry.

Established Designers

You already have a set way of doing things.  LFFC can help you improve any aspect of your business.  With existing lines, we look to optimize operations, articulate market strategies, and reaffirm core business principles.  Each step has a significant and positive impact on the bottom line.

Areas we help with, but are not limited to:

  • production
  • reorganization
  • sales
  • marketing and events (see event production tab)
  • operations